Home Management

Home ownership is hard enough. Second home ownership can be even harder! When you come to Park City, you want to relax and enjoy all the area offers.


Let us take care of you and your home! 


When it comes to general maintenance, we are committed to providing quality repairs and fair pricing. And, we'll make sure those pesky smoke detector batteries are changed annually.

  • General Maintenance      


We'll ensure your property is immaculate on your arrival. And when you leave, don't worry about the dishes, laundry or disposing of perishables...we'll do all that for you.   

  • Regular or Deep Cleaning    
  • Linen Laundry
  • Window Washing
  • Chimney Sweeping
  • Carpet Cleaning  

Vehicle Service 

We can leave your vehicle at the airport on your arrival, pick it up after you've left and even drive you to and from the airport in your vehicle. And who wants to sit around a dealership half the day when you could be vacationing? We can see to your needed maintenance and registration for your vehicle.

  • Taking car to / from airport or dealership, car wash, etc.

Inside Out Inspections

We are your eyes and ears when you're not here. We thoroughly check your property inside and out, note any problems such as water leaks or potential problems and then report directly to you. We'll ensure your home is secure and the alarm in on and so much more.

  • Inside Out Security Inspections


If we can't do it, we know someone who can. We have relationships with companies who specialize in everything from appliance repairs to remodeling. We ensure all of our subcontractors are licensed, and we will also work with contractors of your own choosing.

  • Subcontracting / Vendors 

The Extras 

We're happy to ship and receive packages, we can also shop for and deliver your groceries.

  • Personal Services: Shopping and Errands 
  • Serviceman Appointments: You definitely have better things to do with your time. We’ll set the appointment, meet the serviceman/technician, and accompany him until completion.

Enjoy your time in Park City and leave the errands to us. We're eager to customize our services to meet your budget and needs! 


We are an owner operated service you can trust!


Peace of mind while you're away. Call 435-640-4840 today!